Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Version 1.2.1

Version 1.2.1

A new version was officially released yesterday, version 1.2.1.  Given that the "incremental" version number changed, you know that this is a small release.  So true.  Let's see what's in it, though.

First off, two new skins were added.  Here is the Simplicity skin by Zepfan:

And here is the JX 720 skin by Steveb:

As far as bug fixes go, there are several that were handled in here.  Only 1 of them is even worth mentioning, though, and it only because of its simplicity and the difficulty I had in finding it.  For a certain user, the AVI parser was breaking on one of his files.  We went back and forth several times, each time I added additional debugging code.  I finally narrowed it down.

When reading a chunk of data, I had this code:

def read(self, thefile):
    data = thefile.read(4)
        self.size = struct.unpack('i', data)[0]
        self.size = 0

    # Putting an upper limit on the chunk size, in case the file is corrupt
    if self.size < 10000:
        self.chunk = thefile.read(self.size)
        self.chunk = ''

The point of this is that it will read in the data associated with the chunk.  Not a big deal...read the size itself, and then read the data.  I even limit the amount of data to read just in case the file is corrupt.  I missed something important, though: the size value is signed.  This means that in a file that is corrupt, I may read a negative number.  In Python, performing a read with a negative size will read in the entire file, causing problems.  So the fix was simple:

    if self.size > 0 and self.size < 10000:
        self.chunk = thefile.read(self.size)
        self.chunk = ''

Not a big deal.

Next time I'll discuss some of the things going into 1.3.0.

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